Asset Management Software
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AMX for Highways and Highway Assets

Local Authorities and Highway Managers are coming under increasing pressure to achieve cost-savings whilst continuing to deliver improving levels of service and customer satisfaction. At IAM Ltd we understand these pressures and goals and, with AMX, we strive to help you attain them.

Multiple disciplines – ONE Solution…

Highway Asset Management systems need to handle a wide variety of asset types, with differing maintenance and inspection requirements, multiple reporting and data integration demands and varied user interface definitions… AMX can provide this flexibility, whilst still offering stock level data inventory and interrogation to support strategic decision making.

For more details of the specific units, please see the links below:

 Highway Asset Management SoftwareCarriageways (Roads) and Footways Street Lighting SoftwareStreet Lighting
 Bridge ManagementBridges and Structures Highway Asset ManagementStreet Assets

With AMX you can expect to:

  • Reduce whole-life costs of your assets, through better planning and review of available maintenance options.
  • Produce reports and data exports to support multiple Agencies and statutory requirements, including NSG, UKPMS, EToN, Whole of Government Accounts etc.
  • Achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by defining and meeting agreed levels of service.
  • Take better control of your risks with accurate, structured data which can be interrogated directly using the system.
  • Achieve better informed and more transparent, investment decision-making using the inbuilt reporting and analysis tools.

AMX will help you optimise the management of your resources whilst increasing the safety and serviceability of your assets to meet both current and future needs.

Although all our solutions are pre-configured with the common forms and reports to support your discipline, our software comes with complete customisation support as standard so you can rest assured the system will be able to manage your assets, no matter what assets they may be.