Asset Management Software
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AMX for Street Assets

With the introduction of Whole of Government Accounting, pressure is increasing for Local Authorities to take greater control of ALL their asset resources, from road signs and bollards to gullies and waste bins. No matter what the asset, AMX for Street Assets can help.

As with all AMX products, you can use the pre-defined system which has been created in consultation with experts in the sector, technical specifications and codes of practice, or you can use the inbuilt customisation toolkit to tailor the solution to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

With AMX for Street Assets you will be able to:

  • Define multiple asset classes, groups and types to suit your organisational requirements. Examples may be Bus Shelters, Waste Bins, Gullies and Road Signs.
  • Add or amend system data fields, forms and reports and specify the asset types and user groups that they are applicable for so that Users only see the data they need.
  • Create a complete asset inventory including images, location details, ownership notes, inspection and maintenance regimes and any other fields you have defined in the system.
  • Design reports using live data in the system using ANY fields captured in the database. Add graphs, charts, images, maps and text to create professional printouts.

For more information on how AMX can help your organisation, please contact our team today.