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October 2014: Isle of Man Upgrade Latest

Following a recent visit to our customer over in the Isle of Man, a big focus this week has been on the upgrade of their existing BMX software to AMX. The Isle of Man has a very unique set of parameters given that it is a self-governing British Crown dependency. Aside from the usual bridges and highways management options, AMX can also be used for other facilities and utilities on the island such as Control Systems, Ports, Linear Assets, Parks and Buildings. We're looking forward to helping the team get up to speed and implement usage across the whole of the island's government owned and managed assets.

July 2014: IAMTech's branding refresh

We celebrated over 10 years in business by having a branding refresh. With a focus on our powerful, flexible, software that 'brings it all together', we have adopted a logo, using existing company colour schemes, but reflecting the idea of building blocks coming together. We hope you like it.

June 2014: IAMTech host AMX User Group

At the beginning of June, we hosted our User Group session for AMX users, which included Cardiff Highways team and Scottish Canals. The session was very well recieved, and in the words of one attendee: "I came away with some good ideas and Im keen to have another user group as I think it’s a good forum to share ideas and to help shape AMX going forward." We look forward to running another session in the Autumn, so watch this space.

May 2014: IAMTech host 1st User Groups for Bridge Management eXpert

The Inaugural User Group meeting for our Bridge Management eXpert (BMX) users was held in May 2014, at our new offices in Bristol and Bath Science Park. Over 85% rated the session, which focussed on helping users to capitalise on the capabilities of BMX to take lifecycle planning forward at their sites, as very good to excellent. We look forward to hosting another session soon to look at the rollout of of AMX to all our exisiting clients.

February 2014: ISO 55000 Launches in London

On 5th February, our team went to London to witness the launch of the ISO 55000 suite of asset management standards. The Institute of Asset Management and British Standards Institution collaborated on the successful launch at the Royal College of Surgeons, where even the local tube strike didn't prevent over 200 delegates arriving and an even larger audience watching the event via the live webinar. For more information on the standards see our ISO 55000 information sheet

January 2014: Cardiff County Council Choose AMX

We are pleased to announce that the Highways team at Cardiff County Council have chosen AMX to support their Highways Maintenance Management. From Safety Inspections and maintenance planning to works orders and noticing for carriageways, footways, signs and lines, traffic lights and drainage... The Highways team are particularly enthusiastic about using our AMX mobile solution to streamline their inspections and maintenance works. We look forward to telling you more about this project soon!

June: The Institute of Asset Management Annual Conference 2013

Our team were pleased to be able to attend this year’s Institue of Asset Management ( Annual Conference in Exeter, featuring another excellent programme of speakers and workshop sessions. Of particular note was the focus on ISO 55001 due out at the end of this year which will help organisations to streamline and optimize their asset management systems. For more information about other events, such as the conference and lectures in November 2013, see their website at

April: Launch of improved and expanded mobile working solutions

In 2012, We launched our Mobile Asset Management solution for Android™, which is now being successfully used by Scottish Canals to manage all of their on-site length and element inspections and maintenance operations. Whilst development of our mobile solutions for Android™ and Laptop/Tablet continues, we are now proud to be able to offer our Customers even more choice to meet their mobile working requirements. We are pleased to announce that we are now also able to provide a solution specifically for the IPhone and IPAD, with customisable, intuitive screens that users will find easy to operate and navigate. The new solution can utilise both Google Maps and the customer’s own pre-loadable maps, with logical interfaces to support Site and Condition Surveys, Safety Inspections, Defect/Work Identification and all Maintenance Operations. For more details please contact our team on 0117 959 6528.

November: Desktop and Mobile Solution Windows 8 Compatible

You can be sure that we are always working to ensure your systems and solutions will continue to operate and integrate with all the latest technological updates. As part of this continuous development, our AMX desktop and mobile solutions have now been fully and successfully tested on the latest Windows 8 platform. In addition, our database solution is fully compliant with all versions of SQL up to and including SQL2012.

October: Developing new Schools ICT management solution

We are proud to be working with a team from the Royal High School in Bath to develop a new AMX solution tailored to support the requirements of School IT teams. The system will allow customers to track the location and status of all their IT resources, including identifying current users, tracking fault histories, planning updates and maintenance, tracking software licences, hosting a knowledge base of defects and workarounds, managing critical updates and identifying machines that require attention. As expected, this is all supported by the iAM customisation support to ensure local installations work as required to meet each school’s particular requirements. We hope to launch the new solution in November 2012, but for more details, please call us now on 0117 959 6528.

July: Working on complex Lifecycle Planning tools

Infrastructure Asset Management Ltd lead the way in developing tools for customers to achieve the highest returns on investment, and this includes the design and implementation of our latest Lifecycle planning tools to aid customers in modelling a variety of infrastructure deterioration schemes, and determining the optimum course of works to maintain service levels throughout the life of an asset. We strive to remain at the forefront of technical solutions, and our customers reap the benefits. If you would like more details, please contact our team...

May: New team member

We are pleased to introduce our latest team member, Karen King, who has a Masters in Data Communications, is a qualified PRINCE2 Project manager and ITIL Service Manage. Karen will focus on our strategic position in the UK market, whilst ably supporting our clients in delivering high quality, tailored solutions to meet their requirements. Prior to joining us, Karen was a sales and Support Director for an IT company, ensuring customers fully identified their requirements and selected the right solutions to meet them.

Asset Management eXpert (AMX) - our next generation solution, customised to support the management of any asset type.

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October 2014: Isle of Man Upgrade Latest

June 2014: AMX User Group in BBSP

July 2014: IAMTech's branding refresh

June 2014: AMX User Group in BBSP

May 2014: The 1st UK BMX User Group


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