Asset Management Software
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AMX - Customisable Asset Management Software

Our systems are already designed and configured to have all the functionality you will need with a highly user friendly interface, however, we recognise that no two customers are the same and at Infrastructure Asset Management Ltd. we strive to work with our clients to ensure they get the solution they need, when they need it. To support this, all our solutions come with FREE initial customisation support and include a comprehensive suite ofcustomisation tools to allow Users themselves to adapt the system, without the need for costly IT support. The following gives some idea of what can be achieved:

Customer Branding

Customer Branding

Give your product the corporate image. The AMX system allows you to set your own login and home screen images and system branding to display the corporate image you desire.

Customised Forms

Although the system already has a comprehensive suite of forms for capturing and editing asset information, customers can edit these pre-configured forms or generate their own using the simple customisation tools included with the solution. No need for costly IT support or specialist knowledge - a few clicks will allow you to set up your forms. We can support you to create a system to meet your current or ideal business practices for swift implementation and rollout and ease of staff training.

User Defined Fields

The AMX system has all the data fields a customer needs, pre-set in the solution. However, we know you may want more or you may wish to rename the fields already in place. Therefore, the AMX system allows users to quickly define their own fields whether they are simple text fields, lookup lists, checkboxes, images and files to name a few.

Set up your Actions

Define Action Frequency

Whether you want to set-up routine inspection and maintenance schedules at the stock level, or define a specific action required for a single asset, such as a safety critial inspection, AMX can do it.

Corporate Reports and Documents

The AMX system includes a number of pre-configured report and print templates to assist in the quick production of documents for day-to-day operations, however we know that every customer has their own requirements so with AMX you are able to quickly and easily interrogate all of your data to produce detailed reports, including data filters, graphs and charts. Save these reports for regular use, and then create your own print templates including any corporate branding, textual content, system data, maps, images and charts, all in one system.

Catalogues and Lists

You decide how to group your assets!- we know that some organisations have a few hundred assets, and others a few hundred thousand so whether you want to identify specific assets by their location, their ownership or any other feature, you can set up your own lists and catalogues to manage assets quickly and effectively.