Asset Management Software
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AMX - Managing Inspections

All assets will need to be inspected at some point in their life, so whether this is an occasional occurrence or part of a routine safety critical regime, AMX will help you to manage your asset inspections.

With AMX you will be able to:

Inspection Management

  • Define Inspection regimes for asset groups and individual assets as required, including the ability to specify the detailed elements to be included in the Inspection.
  • Schedule Inspections based on defined regimes and local policy, including allocation of resources.
  • Full mobile functionality to enable users to carry out inspections on-site with access to complete asset data inventory and history where required.
  • Record defects or work required in detail including GPS or mapping information, images, priority, severity and descriptions, on-site using handheld/portable devices.
  • Automatically generate Performance Indicators to feed in to maintenance planning cycle