Asset Management Software
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Manage Highways

Highways can be complex assets to manage, dealing with multiple divisions for single assets, such as USRN’s, NSG Elementary Street Units, Adopted highway status, Road classifications, Wards and Districts to name a few… and of course there are the complicated reporting requirements to meet, such as Whole of Government Accounting (WGA), EToN street works notifications, Transport Asset management planning etc. AMX for Highways is here to help.

Some of the ways AMX can support your Highways Asset Management:

  • Build a detailed Asset Inventory with user-definable attributes, forms and reporting capability, including location details, images, asset valuation data and associated files.
  • Create multiple, customisable asset groups and categories, where individual assets can belong to several groups to support planning and reporting.
  • Generate user defined Inspection and Maintenance regimes at stock, group and individual asset level.
  • Schedule and complete Inspections, recording defects and data on-site with our comprehensive mobile solution.
  • Combine and schedule maintenance activities to meet local budgetary or policy requirements.
  • Generate works orders, invoices, QA schedules and detailed activity reports.
  • Work directly with Contractors using the same system, with user permission controls to protect data.
  • Use the integrated life-cycle planning tools to optimise future resource allocation whilst meeting defined service levels and budget constraints.

With over 10 years' experience in managing Infrastructure assets; AMX for Highways can support all the powerful functionality you need to manage your assets, combined with the flexibility to grow as your requirements change. For more details, contact our team today.