Asset Management Software
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Asset Management eXpert for Linear Assets

Managing linear assets, such as Waterways or Rail Networks, comes with a unique set of requirements. Our team have worked hard with clients and experts to ensure that these requirements are met in AMX for Linear Assets.

As always, you can expect all the powerful Asset Management functionality associated with our products to help you complete detailed inspections, plan maintenance schedules, devise overhaul schedules and prioritise work to meet safety, budget and customer expectations. But in addition, with AMX for Linear Assets you will be able to:

  • Record asset details including point, line and polygon location details.
  • Split assets into ‘child’ sections based upon any definable length breakdown.
  • Add records for associated assets along lengths, such as locks, gates, footpaths etc.
  • Record multiple ownership records for single asset.
  • Import historical maintenance records, images and any additional data as needed.
  • Perform on-site, roaming Inspections using handheld devices to record defects, identify issues, add images, log GPS data and add any other information required.

AMX for Linear Assets is already being used by Scottish Canals for the successful management of their Waterways, including thousands of miles of historically and naturally important resources, so to find out more about how we can help you, please contact our team now!