Asset Management Software
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Asset Management eXpert for Property and Structures

Now is the time to make your assets work for you - We all know that the costs associated with maintenance and repair of Property and Structural assets are on the rise - so now is the time to manage your resources to extend their life and service as far as possible, without compromising your budgets, standards or customer expectations.

Our solution can help.....

Planned maintenance is known to cost less than unplanned maintenance, as long as it is not excessive - so use our tools to devise the most cost effective plans and put them into practice

  • Define your own attributes for your assets, to record structural materials, contractor details, financial data, owners, and occupiers etc. to meet your specific requirements.
  • Use the integrated maps and images to identify and record all aspects of your asset inventory.
  • Tailor your reports to include all relevant information supporting your budgeting and maintenance planning decisions.
  • Use our powerful planning tools to produce multiple predictive models and calculate the most cost effective schedule of works, whilst maintaining levels of service and safety - then put the plans into action quickly and efficiently.