Asset Management Software
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Support and Implementation

At Infrastructure Asset Management we understand the anxiety caused when considering a change of software, so our team is dedicated to ensuring your implementation runs as effortlessly as possible.

To do this, your organisation will be assigned a primary account manager and supporting team with experience of software implementation to work through the process with you. The following provides an example of our process, although clearly every customer is different and will follow their own distinct strategy.

Set Parameters for the Rollout

Determine the timescales and requirements and plan a rollout strategy (Current licences etc.)

Customise the System

We work with your team to identify any unique requirements for your system beyond the standard specification – then define and implement the customisations.

Import the data

We take your data and complete an integrity check prior to import, querying any unusual data to minimise the chance for inaccuracies in the initial rollout.

Run in parallel and train staff*

We can implement a mirrored service, where required, to ensure a smooth introduction, including staff training and testing of the software interfaces with other systems

Go Live

Once both the customer and account manager are happy, the system will be activated and the licence will be live. We will provide supporting documentation and contract details, including terms of service and support levels.

Health Check

After approximately 3 months we will perform a health check to confirm the system is operating smoothly and assist in any additional ‘tweaks’.


We are committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied, so we do not spend all our time and resources on marketing, but rather on product development and customer support making word of mouth the best marketing tool we have, so rest assured you are in good hands.

*please note that the duration of parallel running may be subject to constraints as customers are expected to provide sufficient resources to complete the implementation within the required timescales.