Asset Management Software
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AMX Custom Solution

Our team love to work with new Customers, so if you find that we do not currently support your Sector, do NOT despair... we have found that in general, ALL assets need similar management.

Asset Management Systems need to:

  • Record all pertinent data about organisational assets, including location information, photos, images, associated documents and details about related assets where applicable.
  • Plan, schedule and allocate resources to all Inspections and Maintenance works as required (cyclic/routine/reactive etc.)
  • Record detailed Inspection data/maintenance works (including condition surveys etc.) with on-site data capture using mobile devices.
  • Prioritise work identified from inspection and perform life cycle analysis based on inspection results to plan optimal maintenance schedules (to meet service levels and financial constraints)
  • Produce detailed reports for management/external agencies on both individual assets and at the stock level, including calculation of depreciated asset values.

Whilst this is a broad generalisation, and doesn't cover everything (financial planning, cost-codes, works ordering, etc.) it may give you some idea of the basic requirements you will need to consider for your solution, and of course Asset Management eXpert (AMX) can do ALL of this - with the added benefit of being completely customisable...

Working together, we can design a system using our powerful AMX product, to meet your requirements, no matter how small or large.

For more details on our Custom Solution, please contact our team today. We look forward to working with you!