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EToN Information Sheet

Whether you are a statutory Undertaker or a Highways Authority and whether you are using the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) or working within Permit Schemes, you are required to provide details of all applicable street works using the Electronic Transfer of Notifications (EToN).

EToN notices contain all the relevant details of street works including start and end dates, any special requirements and location data, which are sent to all relevant Authorities and Promoters via the NSG Hub. EToN notices are subject to specific timing and content validation rules, which are often supported or enforced by the underpinning software solution. The interoperability and specification of EToN systems is governed by the EToN Developers Group.

EToN Version 6 was introduced in October 2013, with all users required to be EToN 6 compliant by 1 April 2014. For more details about EToN 6, please see the links below: