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User Friendly Systems

"The staff who have been involved in the testing of AMX have found it more user friendly and intuitive than previous systems with a user interface that is better and easier to navigate."

– Andrew Stevenson, Asset & Programme Manager, Scottish Canals (2012).

The User is the key - if they are unable to use the system and all its functionality then it will not work! We work hard to ensure our User Interface is intuitive and straightforward:

Ease of Navigation

The system utilises familiar designs, like the Windows Explorer file structure, so that users quickly feel confident moving around the records and functions available.

Customised forms and fields

Customers operating in the same sectors often use the same terminology and records, and the system has a comprehensive suite of pre-configured forms and fields to support these. However, where customers have defined their own terminology or data capture forms, the system can be customised to reflect these specific requirements so that users can instantly recognise the forms and fields in the system.

Click through data

When reading reports or forms, users often want the option to look in more detail at the data behind a particular field or chart. The AMX system allows users to drill down through layers of forms and reports, ensuring they can quickly access all the information relevant to the records they are looking at.

Mobile Modules

AMX has powerful Inspection and maintenance functionality which can now be taken on-site on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and both Android™ and iOS handsets. Users can complete their Inspection forms on site and simply upload the data back to the system whenever connectivity is available, for action, ensuring rapid, simple and accurate data capture.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

AMX has a fully integrated GIS mapping system with customisable asset representations, pop-up key asset data, point, line and polygon asset positioning tools, and integrated asset images and records. The GIS mapping information is fully import/export compatible, supporting inclusion in reports and documents for gazetteer and works management. The AMX GIS solution can integrate with multiple external GIS systems, supporting various file types, including shp and tab files.

Documents and image repository

Users can upload images and key documents into AMX to create a comprehensive knowledge base for all assets. The images are fully integrated into the system and can be used as tools to identify resources or to highlight specific defects for maintenance; they can even be edited to incorporate notes or mark-ups for greater identification of features or issues. The AMX system also includes a dedicated area for all asset related documents, providing users with single source for all their asset data

Messaging tool

The Internal messaging tools allows users to quickly send messages including details of Inspections / assets / reports etc. to any other system user, quickly and effectively supporting rapid and accurate Business decisions.

Asset Management eXpert (AMX) - our next generation solution, customised to support the management of any asset type.

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